Enabling Accelerated Creation

BizHacks aims to create a platform for people in different faculties and different majors to work together, identify real world problems, and provide solutions to solve the issues. Solutions are a hybrid of business and technology innovations.

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$3,700 in prizes

1st Place

$700 CAD, $600 credit towards Spring's kick incubator program, $100 credit towards Wavefront devices, 5 tickets to Virtual Reality Conference worth $750

2nd Place

$600 CAD and 3 tickets to Virtual Reality Conference worth $450

3rd Place

$200 CAD and 2 tickets to Virtual Reality Conference worth $300

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Teams can be up to 5 people. As this is a Business/Technology hybrid we encourage a mix of skill sets. We will be launching an interactive tool to help build these partnerships across schools and faculties.

(all members must be physically present at BizHacks)



- Platforms (iOS, Android, Web / Mobile Web, Mac, Windows, hardware hacks)

- Must include both submission and optional video demo

How to enter

Registration Opens Jan 1st 2016 at bizhacks.ca


A Team of Hackathon Experts

A Team of Hackathon Experts

Judging Criteria

  • User Experience
    At the end of a hackathon, aesthetics matter quite a bit. Does your product produce satisfaction for user experience?
  • Functionality & Implementation
    It needs to be functional too! Does the product function properly? Make sure you minimize all the errors and test it!
  • Impact, Potential, Viability
    How big is the impact on the business problem? Does the product possess high potential to address that problem?
  • Innovation
    Be creative! Come up with a unique idea for a product that solves a business problem. Consider its applications.
  • Presentation
    You have to finish strong and deliver a great presentation. Make sure that the impact on the business problem is explained clearly and convincingly.